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In today's fast paced world we are bombarded with messages from what we should wear to what we should eat and buy. How do get the most important message, that of Salvation, to those who are lost? You must use New techniques,1 Corinthians 9:22. Call (925) 267-9113 today to find out how you can get started. Ask for Bernadette Watts, and be on your way to Victory in Ministry!


LET'S GO Door To Door

There Comes a Time you MUST go and meet the people where they are. Don't Have enough staff or members to do this? Worry not, with our creative social media campaigns, we can handle the mission.


Ministry can't go forth without Good Admin Support.

This solution is perfect for small ministries, that dont have a full time admin staff, but have full time admin needs.


Reach them where they are!!

From Social Media Marketing and Ad campiagns to get them in the doors, to Video for Streaming or Broadcast. We are here to help you as you grow.